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Air Quality With Global Cooling


We now know that air quality is a huge factor for human health. A clean home can be a healthy home. There are several ways to keep air clean in a home that will not break the bank. The least costly is the filter. There are many types of filters to fill many types of function today. It can be very confusing to determine the exact one to use. Every home has a different use pattern and therefore may need a different type or quality.

The most common type of air filter sold today is the pleated filter. Different types of pleated filters have different air capture rates. In other words, some allow more air and some allow less air to pass through in an attempt to catch fine particles. Some pleated filters only protect the HVAC equipment. Many older homes are not designed to use any type of high capture filter. Using a high capture filter can actually hurt the system because of its lack of air flow. A system starving for air is an energy wasting machine. Also, the quantity of fine particles that a pleated filter traps may clog the filter very quickly, again starving the system for air. Some pleated filters can become clogged in a matter of days depending on their capture rate.

Normally, we consumers replace filters based on a time frame and not filter failure. We recommend dating a filter, then checking its condition in at least 30 days. Check the filter’s condition and determine how often the filter needs replacement. If air quality is not a factor for you, then an old style see through filter may be sufficient to protect only the equipment. Our staff is capable of determining the amount of air required to operate your system safely and efficiently and can also give options for proper air flow and air quality. For the extreme cases of allergies or illnesses, there are HEPA, heavy duty air capture,  and electronic filters available. See photos for the different types of filters.