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Wow!! What can we say about air conditioning filters? Today’s market is so saturated with air quality concerns and suggestions it leaves consumers with their head spinning. Global Cooling hopes to ease the pain just a little with some simple, basic rules and a little education.

Dirty Air Conditioning Filters: The #1 Cause of AC Failure

First, your filter exists simply to keep your air conditioning system free of any harmful particles that clog the air flow, preventing a smooth movement of air throughout the duct work. This is the equivalent of not allowing the AC system to breath. Just like humans, breathing is vital for your air conditioner. Dirty filters are the #1 cause of the AC failures that Global Cooling finds. Over 90% of all service calls find filters that are not up to the standards of the equipment’s requirements. Again, just like humans, upon failure to breathe well your air conditioner experiences changes in its operation that compound over time, eventually leading to its failure. The compressor inside the outdoor unit is the heart of the air conditioning system and like a human heart, when it is asked to work much harder than it was intended to, its life is shortened and failure occurs.

Indoor Blower Motors Have Limits

Another example of an overworked component is the indoor blower motor. When a shortage of air flow exists, the indoor blower motor’s design parameters are exceeded causing it to fail prematurely.

What Air Conditioning Filters Does Global Cooling Recommend?

Now we know how important it is to replace your air conditioning filter on a regular basis, the next question becomes, which filter should you buy? Good question. Let’s start with explaining some of the different types of basic AC filters:

  • • 1-Inch pleated AC filters
    • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) AC filters
    • Electronic AC filters
    • 4-Inch pleated AC filters
    • Reusable/Washable AC filters
    • Electrostatic AC filters

With so many basic AC filter options, it is easy to see why consumers, baffled by the choices often choose the wrong filter for their specific application. Let’s keep it simple since we are not writing a book about air conditioning, air flow and filters. Keep in mind most home’s air conditioning ducts differ a great deal and must be examined by a professional for all viable options.

Still Not Sure What AC Filter is Right for your Home? Call Global Cooling.

Rule of thumb #1: an older home’s air conditioning ducts were not designed for the movement of air required by new equipment versus 20+ year-old equipment. Keep in mind filters have ratings for different levels of particle capture and air flow. Higher rate = lower air flow. Motor speeds have increased so greatly, that a new system in an older home, without the accompanying ductwork changes, requires the filter with the most allowable air flow. Filters with a high capture rate are probably not the best option for an older home. Somewhat newer homes may have larger ductwork allowing a high capture rate to be OK. To complicate matters, filters are now for more than just equipment protection. Their job is to remove allergens, smoke and odors, also. For these special applications, a professional should check the system’s vitals to see if it will still breathe well while performing these special tasks. Clean filters keep your air conditioning system breathing, so change them often to prevent costly repairs. Even better, call Global Cooling and we will do it for you and check out the system on a regular basis so you don’t have to.

Myths About Freon and the Ozone

While it is true that many types of Freon are harmful to the environment, there are also many that are not. Do not fall prey to the myth that your air conditioning system needs replacement because it has R-22 or another environmentally harmful type of Freon.

Don’t Replace that AC Unit Just Yet! Talk to Global Cooling First.

Air conditioners, heat pumps and ductless air conditioners in today’s market have many moving parts. Often, replacement of the parts does not involve any interaction with the Freon. And while it is true that many older air conditioning systems need replacement simply due to their age, other factors must also be considered. Some of these factors have to do with the system’s current efficiency. Others include the cost of future repairs. Lastly, there is the consideration of the type of Freon currently in your system. Some customers are just not able to wrangle the finances for such a costly endeavor as replacing their current air conditioning system.

An Involved Customer is the Best Customer.

Global Cooling believes that an involved, educated customer can make a decision that best reflects their personal air conditioning budget. Because of that, we offer education about your various options. Whether your air conditioning system needs repair or replacement, we can explain your options.  If your air conditioning systems needs replacement, we have some financing options we can offer as well. Our goal at Global Cooling is to make every willing customer a part of their air conditioning experience.

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Global Cooling wants to help you and your family be comfortable at home this summer. Now through May 31, 2017, if you purchase any M-Series, P-Series, or S-Series combination of air conditioners for your home, you could receive up to $900 in rebates!

Mitsubishi systems are compact equipment. What this means is your ceilings can be higher and your windows can be bigger. You don’t have to design around ductwork. You get more space to enjoy the room the way you envisioned. Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution™ that fits your unique needs. Mitsubishi systems focus on individual living spaces rather than treating every room the same. Because of this focus on the individual, the Mitsubishi systems customize more easily and are more energy efficient. The system is also easier to install.

Sleek wall-mounted units  provide cooling and heating to your room. They also monitor room conditions and adjust their fan speed to fine-tune your comfort.

Whether for a cold spot, hot spot or the entire home, our systems are versatile and perfectly suited for any cooling or heating occasion. Select the situation below that most applies to your home.

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Air Quality Global Cooling

Air Quality with Global Cooling

We now know that Air Quality is a huge factor for human health. A clean home can be a healthy home. There are several ways to keep air clean in a home that will not break the bank. The least costly is the filter. There are many types of filters to fill many types of function today. It can be very confusing to determine the exact one to use. Every home has a different use pattern and therefore may need a different type or quality.

The most common type of air filter sold today is the pleated filter. Different types of pleated filters have different air capture rates. In other words, some allow more air and some allow less air to pass through in an attempt to catch fine particles. Some pleated filters only protect the HVAC equipment. Many older homes are not designed to use any type of high capture filter. Using a high capture filter can actually hurt the system because of its lack of air flow. A system starving for air is an energy wasting machine. Also, the quantity of fine particles that a pleated filter traps may clog the filter very quickly, again starving the system for air. Some pleated filters can become clogged in a matter of days depending on their capture rate.

Normally, we consumers replace filters based on a time frame and not filter failure. We recommend dating a filter, then checking its condition in at least 30 days. Check the filter’s condition and determine how often the filter needs replacement. If air quality is not a factor for you, then an old style see through filter may be sufficient to protect only the equipment. Our staff is capable of determining the amount of air required to operate your system safely and efficiently and can also give options for proper air flow and air quality. For the extreme cases of allergies or illnesses, there are HEPA, heavy duty air capture,  and electronic filters available. See photos for the different types of filters.

Maintenance global cooling

Global Cooling Tips

Green is the new energy standard for America and the world. And not just because we want to. The rising cost of energy and fuels has left us grasping for alternatives to lower our energy bills. There are many ways to save on energy through Air Conditioning.

  1. Replace your filter often. A system starving for air is an energy wasting machine.
    Filters have changed in the last several years. If a pleated filter is used now in your home, it must be dated when installed. Check it every 30 days to start and make a determination of whether or not it needs to be replaced by examining its condition. Then replace it based on your specific use patterns. There is no standard because every home use is different requiring different replacement dates. There are many quality ranges of filter too. Some are very basic which may be sufficient to protect your AC equipment. Others are designed to filter the air for breathing. These differences require different attention. Some older homes were not designed to accept the new pleated filters and the lack or air flow caused by their high quality. If you are unable to implement these procedures, Global Cooling offers a maintenance program  to ensure a clean and efficient system.
  2. Have the ductwork checked for leaks. Unfortunately, many older homes and even some new homes have had ducts come loose. Others were never sealed properly from the beginning. This allows the energy for cooling to be lost in the attic instead of being transferred to the home interior. This creates a waste of energy. Older ductwork may also be very thin and have a low R Value (thermal resistance, or the rate at which heat or cold passes through a particular item) because there was no alternative at that time. Today, thicker ductwork is available with increased R Value and can be a replacement to save wasted energy.
  3. Replacement of an Air Conditioning system is the most effective way to see dramatically lower energy bills, but comes with the highest outlay of financial resources. Keeping an older system running at tip top shape may be more cost effective than replacement. Especially, if you are not going to be living in the home for a long time. However, if the older system is experiencing constant failures, or expensive failures, replacement still may make sense for the long haul. Even if you are moving out of the home soon, you can factor the sale of a home with a new HVAC system as a selling advantage over other homes with older systems. We have several brands to choose from.
  4. Thermostats are a very good way to control the temperature and the amount of time that a system is on or off. Today there are a variety of programmable, digital and WI-FI thermostats. They can be set or changed, even if you are not at home, allowing for accurate settings at the touch of a button. This method of control saves on energy if used correctly. We are knowledgeable in the installation and set-up of high efficiency thermostats. See our section on Nest thermostats.
  5. Rebates and credits are also available from some Electric companies when you make efficient changes to your home. These may include AC, appliances, windows, insulation, etc. We highly recommend calling your local Electric Company for more information.
  6. Other viable options for saving energy are sealing windows, new windows, window coverings, doors, attic insulation, fireplace flues, the temperature setting of the thermostat, lighting fixtures or bulbs.

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